Building a Scalar Network Analyzer

I have been building the analyzer using a Parallax Propeller board, which works fine but doesnt have analog inputs. I dont want to build 2 ADCs so I looked at my Duemilanove. Both use a FTDI 232RL which I have become very familiar with in terms of writing .net code using the FT2DXX.DLL for sending control commands to the analyzer and reading back the data and plotting it. I'd like more digital IO than the Duemilanove provides, so Im considering the Due. I cant tell form the info on line if 1) I can communicate as readily with the board and the digital and analog IO via the USB, and 2) which chip (and consequently the drivers, .dll and documentation) is used so that I can accomplish the same thing with the Due that I can with the Propeller and Duemilanove. :~