Building a Small Device, Please Help

Hello, I intend to make a device that reads books for the user, I'm starting a company.

It will take inputs in the form of digits representing book number, page/chapter number, paragraphs/verses.

It's features will be simple: read books, record voice.

I want it to cost $20.

I cannot hire someone to build either the hardware or software for lack of funding, but I'm really passionate about this. I really want to help those who cannot read to 'read'.

Is this possible with arduino?
what particular hardware and software product should I buy?
what advice do you have for me?

Thank you.

You could make a working version and then try to make it cheaper.

Do you want to store numbers with the spoken voice on the Arduino ?
I suggest to use a Raspberry Pi Zero with a SD memory card to store the data. With a script, for example Python.
You need a USB adapter for a speaker and a microphone.

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Inputs from where? Directly from the page with a camera?

It is supposed to read out loud, I get, but do you also want to record that too?

It's good to have a goal, but that may change. First make it work, then make it less expensive.

There are many videos on youtube of people making OCR (optical character recognition) projects and image recognition projects with their Arduinos. Start your research there. There are plenty of free resources just waiting for you to use them.

Absolutely is, using AI it can be done offline, it can also be done with an internet connection.

The Nano is a good place to start, but you should have some kind of plan before investing since money is a concern for your project.

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I want to store voice recording that users can play later.

And eventually, I want users to be able to download book files from my online platform, but for now, I can work with simply sending the files through bluetooth or sd cards to devices.

Only if they are public domain books or books so old that they copyright is expired.

No. from a physical number pad, like a phone.

No. The recording feature is just in case the user wantss to record their thoughts on what they read or things like that. I want it to help people who cannot read.

Thank you.

Oh. It will not read text from a camera, it will read a book file that we send into the device. At least for now.

Thank you.

Of course.
we will contact authors for their books.

Yes. Maybe. Depends.

As you can tell from the responses you got, this is not so much an engineering question as more of an entrepreneurial one that encompasses a wide range of topics.

I've done a lot of teaching, coaching etc. of tech-entrepreneurs. I always make a distinction between those that have an idea, and those that have just a dream. Yours is still just a dream. To bring it to the idea-stage, you'll need to figure out some of the key aspects of both the technology and the business side.

Ok, cool. It's starting to come into focus.
You want to read a text file containing a book, out loud from an Arduino?
You need:
Talkie library
A tiny amp and speaker, headphones, bt, whatever for output
SD reader and/or bluetooth

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OK. which hardware product can I try?

Before you buy anything, get a lot of people's input from here first. There are a lot of talented people here with a lot of valid ideas that should be considered.

What programming experience do you have?

None whatsoever.

If it's worth anything, I've created a few simple apps with App Inventor's drag and drop platform.

Ok, a suggestions from a different angle, then. How about teaming up with somebody who shares your passion (or, whom you can convince about yours :)) but with more extensive programming experience and/or knowledge of embedded systems? It sounds to me like you're the guy with the dream and potentially the drive to make it happen - you can use that 'get up and go' spirit to stimulate people around you to realize the necessary building blocks. This approach would prevent you from getting bogged down into the rather boring complexities of embedded systems engineering so you can focus on the actual goal at hand.


Thank you Koraks.

I'll look around. :slight_smile:

I think you will find the publisher owns the book copyrights, not the author. They bought the rights from the author.

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