Building a smart anti theft device for motorcycle

Hello wonderful people,
I have an old motorcycle without self and experimenting on it these days because of lockdown nothing much to do.

I want to make an anti theft kill switch based on bluetooth controlled UNO R3 and 5v relay, it should let motorcycle start but will totally kill power from ignition coil after 2-3 minutes if bluetooth didn't receive a command from smart phone.
It should start working Everytime motorcycle starts.

I want to make it power efficient so 12v battery which powers headlights and blinkers don't get completely drained.
I probably order nano later.

Any ideas where to start.

To start the UNO requires 45mA, the Nano is similar. You might consider a ESP32, it has bluetooth built in, and can power down to less than 1mA depending on design etc. Size Wise it will be between the UNO and Nano. Regardless of what you use be sure to install adequate protection and isolation from the electrical system. There are a lot of ways to do what you want, you have the time see what others have done.

You don't use a UNO for a serious project. The Nano is more practical, but when you don't need the USB interface (and on a motorcycle you clearly wouldn't), the Pro Mini fulfils the requirement.

But you want Bluetooth anyway, so it does make sense to use a board that includes that. I believe there are Bluetooth modules which actually include a processor and would perform the whole task in themselves.

It will be powered (through a regulator module to 5 V, do not attempt to use "Vin") from the lighting circuit so will only draw any power while the engine is running.

Have you considered what will happen when you are riding along and your smartphone battery becomes depleted?

I don't think a permanent Bluetooth connection is envisaged, just on starting the cycle. :sunglasses: