building a smart roomba help

hello reader I would like to turn a romba cover with motors (motherboard is broken) into a smart pi roomba if you want to help let me know.
what I would like to be able to do in this way is that he can pronounce a command via google home for example hey google go clean the house (if it is not possible it is not so bad)

what I already have
motor 4
clean bin
3d printer just so you know
and the roomba shell

what i like so
Distance Sensor in such a way that it does not collide with benches and walls
edge advoid
and google home control like go clean

if you can and want to help me i would respect it very much
(sorry if i made some typ errors my english is not that good)

We love to help with projects like this.

Starting small in testable increments is usually the best way to go.
Start out with motor control. Can you make it roll across the floor? Can you make it turn?
Then test out your sensors. Can you print out the distance to an object (like your hand) to the serial monitor?
Then add the 2 together. Can you make it roll across the floor until it detects an object, then turn?

I think you should leave out voice commands until you are further along.
I am not sure what you plan to do with the webcams.

Let us know if you run into problems along the way. If you do post code, use code tags.

You mention that you have 4 motors. Have you selected motor drivers for those?

hello thanks for responding
its my first time making somting like this
here is som info with photos
2 of the wheels are powered
theres one wheel on front that 1 is not powered
the webcam is for live view but after some tinking its not need it


Those make for fun pieces to work with.
The motors have an encoder so that helps with keeping things straight when you want them straight.
You will need a dual motor driver.
Pololu has many to choose from.

You should go google about those motors. Here is one link to some helpful roomba motor info

If you still have the base you can use that to manually place the batteries there for charging.

OPs images

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