Building a Video Based Dice Reader?

I've googled this and two things show up.. the project where you put the die on the led sensors and making electronic dice.

Basically what I want to do is make a reader that will record the values of the two dice after they are thrown. Are there libraries with the image processing tools to do this? I was thinking threshold the image to black and white and count the white spots.

Any ideas, links or suggestions greatly appreciated!

What has this to do with an Arduino?

That's the platform I want to build it on.. I have 6 or 7 laying around.. this is the arduino forum right?

this is the arduino forum right?

Yes it is but doing video processing on an arduino is not going to happen.

Making dice that sense which way they have landed might involve an Arduino to interface to the sensors.

Using image processing to determine which face of the dice is facing up is not a job for an Arduino - it's a job for a computer.

I realized I don't need a video image, just one shot from a camera. That is probably doable..

I realized I don't need a video image, just one shot from a camera. That is probably doable..

What part of no are you having difficulty understanding?

That is probably doable.

It doesn't seem doable to me, but since you don't seem to believe the replies telling you that I suggest you give it a try. Whether you succeed or not, you will end up with a much greater appreciation of the difficulty of the problem you're trying to solve. I suggest you start by implementing your solution on a PC first since this will enable you to get something working (on a PC it will be relatively easy) without having to deal with all the hardware limitations and resource constraints of the Arduino. Then see how much memory, code space and CPU time your PC solution is using, and look for a suitable platform to run it on. I don't think it will be an Arduino, but perhaps you will prove me wrong.