Building a video booth with arduino control panel

Greetings. I am new to the forum and to Arduino. I'm thrilled that there is a Project Guidance section!

So I need to build a Macintosh-based video booth kiosk with a control panel. Arduino seems like a great way to go for the panel. Here's what I want to happen:

A user sits down in the booth, and a motion detector starts the process. An LCD panel on the arduino provides instructions to the user, who presses a button to start recording, another to stop. The camera would be built-in to the computer. So what I want is for Arduino to be able to somehow launch scripts on the computer that start and stop QuickTime recording, move files around to a web server for delivery, etc.

My thought is that PD could take communication from the Arduino and launch a script (Applescript, Python, maybe Javascript.) Is this feasible? Am I on the right track? Seems like there are lots of ways to get the computer to make arduino do things,but maybe the other way around is not so simple.

Does anyone have advice for me on what I need to study in order to make this work? Is pduino what I need? Are there other approaches to launching scripts via Arduino?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

I would go with apple script, have you seen this:-

I am VERY interest in this link, but the server is not responding. =(

Try SerialPortX at:-

This should get you one step closer:

And as if by magic:

Thanks for the advice, all. Great forum!