Building a Wireless Game Controller with Voice Input

I want to build a Wireless Game Controller that will have a mic long with other standard buttons of a gamepad. I have worked with Arduino Joystick and HC05 and HC06 Bluetooth modules. But those are not capable of transmitting audio as my research suggests. So, I have made my mind to use ESP32 (I can't use RPi/Rpi zero to keep it economical). And Bluetooth also has unexpected complications in the case of Audio. So, I think 2.4 GHz RF Transceivers will be a better option for this purpose.

Now, my plan is to build a game controller that will use a 2.4 GHz transmitter and a dongle that will receive the signal and pass that through USB. I can make the first part. But I have no idea how to pass the analog signal that I will receive from the 2.4 GHz receiver to USB. I need guidance here. Which MCU/Board should I use, how to achieve the goals and any example project will really help. :confused: