Building an Arduino online compiler

Hello everyone,

I have been looking to create a Paas (Platform as a service) to compile Arduino sketches in order to program the sensors I built via our online platform. We use PHP code and Laravel to build our platform.
Let's explain my goal: I am working with Cubecell microcontrollers and I have a library sample that I use for several sensors like the JSN-SR04 or the DHT11.

you will agree that it is rather painful to have to reprogram each electronic sensor and modify the tokens corresponding to the Lorawan….That is why I want to build this platform to be able to compile my sensors via a Paas laravel platform a bit like [wasn] (GitHub - wasn-eu/CubeCell_Getting_Started: WASN LoRaWan Devices Getting Started Guide) but in the cloud. For example, I plan to drop down to select the code according to the sensor I want to compile.

There are the potential exploitable avenues that you can find on Github Projects:
-Arduino builder
-Arduino IOT cloud

If any of you have already worked or already have a fork similar to the projects I want to set up. I am looking for the best solution to implement them. However, I don't succeed in the research I am carrying out.

Please use the actively maintained Arduino CLI instead of the deprecated arduino-builder.

Hello pert,
Thank you for your message, I really appreciate it. I don't know how to create a link between Arduino CLI and our web platform using the Shell system interface, do you have any idea?

I don't. One thing you might be interested to know is that, in addition to the command line interface, Arduino CLI provides a gRPC interface as well as the Go library:

Arduino IDE 2.x communicates with Arduino CLI via the gRPC interface.

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