building Arduino 1.5.x Core libraries in Eclipse

I got an archive with an project for the Arduino Micro. The previous developer converted the Arduino project into an eclipse project.

The problem is, that it uses Eclipse file-links to reference the Arduino (core) libraries. It seems that the core sources from the Arduino IDE 1.5.2 were used.

I tried to follow the instructions here: Arduino Playground - Eclipse in the section 3. Compiling your own static library but in section Install/link source files it seems, that this was written for older Arduino versions.

I could not find the Arduino IDE's hardware/cores/arduino directory I tried to copy the hardware/arduino/avr/cores/arduino/* files into the eclipse projects src folder.

Because in the pins_arduino.h file of the micro variant, the pins_arduino.h file of the leonardo variant is included, I also copied the leonardo folder into the src folder and changed the include line in the micro's pins_arduino.h file to #include "leonardo/pins_arduino.h".

But building did not work. I get multiple "not defined" errors in different files. Maybe this is because Eclipse is using the WinAVR installations avr header files and gets confused?

Can you help me, getting all needed source files into my eclipse project so that I have a compiled core library and a folder with the needed header files for the other project?

cheers, niun