Building control pod

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but im trying to build a new Controller ( Volume up, down, Bass, power, aux, ect) for my speakers. Old pod broke and got thrown out some time ago and company stoped making parts. Im not a tech person but ill put down everything i know about the controller in hopes one can help me. Model was MX6021, It used male 8-pin mini-DIN cable...It had volume +/-, Bass +/-, and most importantly it switched on the subwoofer which the speakers connect to. I really have no idea where to start on buying electronic parts..Thanks in advanced if anyone replys.. Here are some links for pictures..

vmart. pk/images/detailed/9/mx6021_5.jpg

glidemagazine. com/hiddentrack/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Controller.jpg

images.hardwarezone. com/upload/files/2010/01/67921c4ed1.jpg

I did a search on google and from what I see it's a piece of proprietary planned obsolescence.

As one tech forum had posted, you don't fix this junk, you replace it.

If you had one that worked, it might be reverse engineered.

I see you’ve posted this question all over the net. The only reason I know that is that they all come up on a search for any of the links you’ve posted.

Shame the links themselves don’t actually link to anything.

If I had anyway to buy a replacement I would without hesitation. Alas i've tried ebay amazon etc to no avail. As I mentioned the company does not make the part any longer. Yes I have posted this on sites where I thought i might get an answer. One suggested using an arduino micro-controller hence my post here.. Sorry about those links you have to delete the space between the first word/. and the domain Just a safety precaution cause most sites require a 10 post minimum for users to post pics, I'll fix if possible. Thanks for the reply's.