Building custom ribbon cables with dupont connectors

Hi All,

I need to create a custom cable between my OSEPP FDTI board and a Arduino Pro Mini. Since I need to 'flip the pins' because of the component orientation, I'm considering creating custom ribbon cables so I can cleanly hook the two devices together. I really don't want to run 6 20cm dupont wires to do this.

Is the wire in 'standard' ribbon cable too small if I want to crimp it to a 6-gang, 2.54 pitch dupont connector/housing? Or is really meant for single 24awg runs of wire?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks! Corey

When I make longer runs of cable like that, I slip the individual strands into short sleeves of heat shrink tubing to keep them together.

However, I use 7 x 0.2mm wire, I'm not sure that anything thinner would secure that well into the Dupont style crimp connectors. The sole example of ribbon cable I looked at was 7 x 0.127mm (28AWG)