building gammon bootloader

I am trying to use the Arduino Pro Micro. As others have reported I have used several for a bit but eventually they get bricked and the USB is no longer recognized (Windows 10). I tried all the suggested tricks and now am trying to burn a new bootloader. I tried the using the Arduino IDE, it tries but fails. Some have suggested the Nick Gammon bootloader as an alternative.

Until now I have only used Arduino IDE to build simple single .ino projects. I have also been using the Eclipse Arduino plugin for multi-file projects with success, but it only allows one .ino per project. I see in the Gammon programmer code on github multiple directories with multiple .ino files.

How do I go about building this software (my C++ project building is rather rusty)? Can I do it with the Arduino IDE? Eclipse Arduino plugin? A pure Eclipse C++ project?

No lomger need the Gammon programmer. For others that have bricked Pro Micros....

In one last attempt I tried burning the bootloader using the Arduino IDE. This time, for the target board, on a whim, I selected "Arduino Micro" instead of "Arduino Leonardo" (which I had been using for programming).

Using "Arduino Micro" I was able to burn all three of my bricked Pro Micros, which allowed them to be recognized once again as USB devices and for me to program them. Note that for each board I had to try a few times before it would work. I also tried using "Sparkfun Pro Micro" (which I could never get to work for programming) and it too will burn (but, again, have to try a few times).