Building installation with Adruino and Flash

I have a assignment to make an installation. I want to do this with an Adruino. This is what i want to do:

I want to work with 2 LDR's. This is what the first LDR should do:

  • A movie/animation is playing in flash in frame 1
  • When a LDR is noticing less light it hase to jump to frame 2(in this frame a different movie is playing).
  • When the LDR is noticing the normal light again is hase to jump back to frame 1.

The second LDR is doing the same as the first one but is jumping to frame 3 instead of 2.

i have all the thing is need, Adruino, cable, LDR, flash, macbook. But i don't have the knowledge. We don't learn this in art school.

Can anyone please help me with the code. I will post pictures/video's when I'm finished. :slight_smile:

So, what happens when both LDRs are blocked? Do you expect to play both frames 2 and 3?

I want to work with 2 LRD's. This is what the first LDR should do:

Do you have LRDs or LDRs?

I want to do thirst with a Adruino.

I don't think Arduinos get thirsty. Hungry, yes. :wink:

Srry, i changed it :slight_smile:

I have a question. Do you guys think that it's possible to do such a project when i have almost no knowledge about the Arduino?

To understand is more i started with this tutorial:

I know it's not flash, but i wanted to understand the Arduino and LDR more.

But i get an error:

Can anyone help?

Kind regards

That highlighted line can be replaced with


The other functions assume that there is another tab that contains the functions, but that site apparently doesn't want to share that with you.

i changed it, but i get an error with printInteger(value);

I think it' s to complicated for me. And it hase to be finished next week.

Is there that wants to write the code for my project? I will pay for it.