Building my own HC05 programmer

I am investigating building my own HC05 Arduino programmer since my attempts, following various online howtos, has failed.....other than if I manually reset the Arduino by pressing the rest button.

I am thinking of building my own programmer with an UNO plus HC05.

So what I have done is as follows:

1) Hooked a HC05 up to Serial1 on a mega. 2) Wrote a sketch that simply dumps what ever comes through Serial1 to Serial Monitor. 3) Connect the Mega to my laptop via the USB cable. 4) Made a bluetooth connection from my PC to the HC05 module - COM40 5) Attempted to upload a sketch to COM40.

What I see on serial Monitor on my laptop is 27 1 0 1 14 1 at 10 second intervals until the IDE on my PC times out.

So what do these value represent?

And what is the IDE expecting to receive from the arduino mcu?

Why do you want to program your Arduino via Bluetooth ? Are you needing to do this remotely -if so have a look a Moteino -these can be bought configured for radio programming and feature and on board memory chip for that purpose, there might be some useful info there or on their forum.

otherwise… don’t bother :slight_smile: