Building own Arduino atmega328p not working

I have been putting together my own arduino based on the instructions found here

I bought the chip from cpm and it has the Uno boot loader already burned.

I can confirm i have 5v to the chip itself using a multimeter and everything else seems to be connected and correct.

I have uploaded the blink sketch to the chip by swapping the chip with my existing official Arduino and i can see it running on the official board, but when i remove the chip from the official board and put it into my new version it doesn’t do anything. I can’t see why and apart from testing the continuity of everything and tracing power i don’t know what else to trouble shoot?

I have uploaded an image of the circuit as an attachment.

If you can see a problem with the board or could give me some troubleshooting advice i would be greatly appreciative.

I have had some trouble myself with the io pins when working off the official board, one thing that was suggested to me is decoupling capacitors at the power and ground connection at the chip. I have been using .01uf ceramic discs. Your picture appears to be near identical to the setup I use (other then the caps.) and blink works fine.

** After zooming in real close it looks like the resistor for the LED on pin 13 is not plugged into the right row.**

Thanks for the reply, So would i add a decoupling cap between VCC and GND or connect the supply to the chip using the cap?

In regard to the LED it is connected the the NEG of the LED and the other end is connected to ground, is this correct?

Do you have a picture of your setup that you would be able to upload?


no pic at the moment, my workstation is a mess! the decoulping capacitor would go one on either side of the chip, one leg on VCC and one leg on GRND. I place them in between the wire and the pins.

Also the way you described the LED is correct but in the picture you cant see what row the resistor is actually plugged into. I cant tell you how many times I've poured over a board ready to pull my hair out and the realize a wire or pin was off by one row!

Ive added the caps and still no luck, you were right about the LED it was in the wrong row, Also discovered that my breadboard top and bottom 2 rows are actually connected within the breadboard :sleeping: but corrected everything and still nothing......

I have had problems in the past where a sketch that works fine on the arduino won't work on the standalone, for me it has always been with with the input pins and my solution has been to use the internal pull up and look for low instead of high.
I am going to look over the blink code in a moment to refresh my memory but in the mean time try removing the reset button, simply place a 220ohm resistor from pin one to voltage and see what happens.