Building Robot - Testing the Microcontoller with the RC Controller

Hey everyone, I am currently trying to build a robot to enter into the skills canada competition but I am having a big problem. I bought the arduino mega2560 microcontroller and a exceed-rc 2.4 GHz 6 Channel digital proportional radio control system. I am trying to get them to talk to each other but I am having difficulties. I tried making it so that if the digital read from the receiver is 1 (I am assuming that would be on) then an LED connected to pin 13 on the serial ports would equal HIGH. This is not working. My question is how do I program it to receive the signal and interpret it? What does the signal actually look like from the RC controller?

Its a ppm signal, and not steady signals. You need to decode it. Using code from MultiWiiController or AeroQuad that use those and other radios will give you working code.