Building the brain/mechanism for a kite on a boat

Hi guys, i want to make the flying of a kite on a boat automatic.
For example, it would need to relay some basic information. Wind speed and direction, temp, barometer might be useful, etc.

So it will have to have a brain, and a couple main controls like a winch, so that it can control the kite and make it do figure 8's and neutral position which is strait up with little movement following the boat. The main winch pulling the kite in/out can be manual.

that said, any help would be amazing. Maybe a list or path to follow just to get started. Oh and to better give you an idea of what im explaining...visit

thank you

For this part of the project, there are lots of Arduino weather station projects posted on line. Study a few for ideas.

For the electromechanical part, the kite control mechanism needs to be clearly and completely defined before one can start thinking about how an Arduino might interface with it. The mechanism should be designed to accept 5V or 3.3V logic signals for control.

post a sketch of how this is going to go together. A schematic wouold be much better along with links to technical information on each of the hardware devices. Sales information does not count.

For a blue print of it they already have them in Germany but is very expensive.

I do not do videos. Post the blueprint or a link to the print itself.

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