Building u-Blox NINA W-102 series (ESP32) - Can Core Code Be Customized?

Hello All,

I have a new customized board - and would like to run the Arduino IDE - I’ve looked at the component build and have a sketch that works (attached) - but I would like to know if I can customize the core - I need to be able to edit cpu_start.c ->esp-idf/components/esp32 - and I see a 1.0.4 package is downloaded under Arduino15 - is there a way to modify this?

John W.
PS - Attached worked OK - but I would like to put the blink_task in the ‘core’. Thanks in advance.
PPS - You may need to increase the stack size in the task and/or move all of the loop code into ‘task time’ - there are #if’s there… YMMV …and - this appears to be the prebuilt core file:

WiFiScan.ino (6.56 KB)

Well, hope you guys in Italy are OK.