Built In Arduino Simulator

Hello, This might be a good improvement on the arduino IDE.

Ok, This would be a simulator for the IDE, You can add Shields, Breadboards, Components, Other things, This would be a team project.
Adding to that, this would be for beginners and for testing if they feel like their first arduino is going to blow up, No, there will be no explosions, Except for a warning bar saying a error that wont work, or just if they are new and they haven't gotten their arduino yet.

Depending on their Computer if its running on old hardware it will run in 2D graphics in low quality or if it is running on new hardware it will run in 3D mode in high quality, And the user can change between 2D and 3D.

Also there should be a notice window when you first use the simulator saying "This simulator is not meant to replace your arduino, use this to test your projects".

And maybe a VR version of the simulator?

These were just the main parts, Let me know if you need more Information!

These were just the main parts, Let me know if you need more Information!

When do you expect to have the first version of this working?

'cos if you don’t create it then nobody else will.

More seriously, creating a useful simulator for a microprocessor is not at all easy - mainly because it is difficult, if at all possible, to simulate the effect of real-world devices that can be attached to an Arduino - even things as seemingly simple as switches.

There have been several Forum Threads in which people have discovered that programs that work on a simulator don’t work in the real world.