Built-in DAC driver circuitry for Ard. Due Rev. 3.0.

Dear all,

The need in using the two onboard DAC's of the Arduino Due created a question, which is what is the driver circuitry to use with the DAC's of the Arduino Due REv 3.0, or with DAC's in general. I've heard that it is not correct to connect DAC's driectly to something. Does anyone come across to this question?. Should I use an OP-Amp or something similar to drive the onboard DAC's?. A small schematics would have been great....


Always connect a 2K Ohm resistor (safe above 1.1K) in serie with each DAC before connecting to a loud speaker. The maximum output current is 3 mA for DAC0 and DAC1.


in my setup the DAC's need to be ready to output some more current and voltage. Its for heating basically.
I guess there is for sure a need for an amplifier circuit. Maybe for each DAC a separate op-amp??

Dacs output a voltage and there is a current output if and only if you connect a load.

There is a first issue with the voltage output. Some additional hardware is necessary to output a full swing voltage between 0V and 3.3V:

Obviously these DACs can't power anything like an heater.

How do you monitor your heaters (link to technical specifications) ?

BTW, IMO this question would be more for the "General electronic" section rather than the "Microcontroller" section of this forum.

the blog about the DAC offset of the Due is quite resonable. The heaters are monitored via PID algorthm, and thermocouple.

The 3.3 volts of the DAC's of the Due are enough to power the heaters to 1000K. Due to the tiny size of them.

But what I really can'tunderstand if there is DAC' and it does not have any bad offset which need to be get rid of, which way one should add the op-amps?.