Built-in Desktop PC Audio Part

I dismantled a junk computer to look at the built-in audio output device. See photo, attached. I hesitate to call the thing a speaker, but it is more complicated than a Piezo buzzer. It has four wires. Why? The computer lacked a sound card. Any audio content, from Internet for example, played on it, and, of course, start-up sounds.
I would like to make an Arduino project with it. Looking at 94V-0 printed on the part makes me hesitant. That seems a bit much for such a tiny component.
Any links to data sheet, forum thread, or otherwise is appreciated.

Pretty sure 94V-0 is just a part number. Can you use a strong light and magnifying glass to read the markings on the chip?

Okay, that 94V-0 is a part number (doh). Here's a link to a Google image search:


This is the exact item, except the number 24 is a 30 on my part:


I will read more under the search results for a data sheet.

4 wires because it's amplified. Red for +5v, black for shared GND, and green for a mono audio signal. White you can ignore.

94V-0 is the flammability rating of the plastics used. It is NOT the part number.

Some reading stuff on the rating here

// Per.

Here is an article someone wrote about the one they had: https://www.contrapositivediary.com/?p=1758