Built in LED blinking on 1st connection

I am completely new to Arduino and I have recently bought a Smraza Uno 3 as part of a starter kit.After downloading the IDE and connecting the board the built in LED on pin 13 is continually blinking even though I have not downloaded any code to it. Assume this should not be happening. Can anyone help please? Grateful if you could keep as simple as possible as I am a complete newbie.

That’s the expected behavior. Carry on.

Thanks for your help. I expect I'll get the hang of it eventually

Usually the Arduinos come with the blinl example pre-loaded; that's what you (probably) see (one second on, one second off).

Also, when the Uno is reset, you will see two or three short flashes of the led; that's the boot loader that allows you to upload code (easily). After a while (without uploading a sketch), the boot loader will hand over control to the loaded sketch.