Built own computer

hi I want to build my own computer with an arduino..

here what i want

having a keyboard having a lcd or tft display having a storage memory

programming my my own OS for these parts

I am still looking which board I should use.. Most of the boards does have really less on memory or are not working with some arduino libs (tft)

so which board does the community recommend.. it should have good memory, usb, lcd (as addon), compatible to arduino libs,....

i want to programm in assembly, c, c++ (does a board support ALL of these languages)

which board supports these features and have really every register available for programming ( I read the the INTEL GALILEO doese have here problems)

please give me some advice..



That sounds like a amazing project! Can you please let me know when you are done?

Good luck // OODDSS

I guess arduino won't be the best platform to use yet.

It's possible to connect keyboard, display and storage, but it will be very hard to squeeze any OS in the small amount of memory most arduinos have.

If you really want to use an arduino, an Arduino YUN probably is the best choice. You could also wait for the Arduino Tre, but it isn't on the market yet. Since both are quite new it may be hard to find the support you need.

Looking at your requirements a Raspberry Pi may be nice as well.

I think the fact that you are asking those questions indicates that the project is still above your pay grade.

If you want to have fun writing an Operating System do it for a RaspberryPi or a BeagleBone which already have all the relevant hardware. The fact that there are really only 2 operating systems in widespread use (Windows and Linux) may indicate the size of the task.

The Arduino boards don't have enough memory or CPU speed.

The Yun may be an option but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who wants to use it with its off-the-shelf operating system because there seem to be too many glitches and too little support.


gms0012: here what i want

having a keyboard having a lcd or tft display having a storage memory

programming my my own OS for these parts

Excluding the hybrid Arduinos which have a small PC co-processor, an Arduino is basically a microcontroller, not a computer. If you want something that does computer-like things (mass storage, enough memory to do significant processing and deal with image data and so on, network protocol support and so on) then get a computer. There are very small computers around, some even down to Arduino size. If you have any sense, you'll start with an existing operating system. To write an operating system that does any of the things above even remotely well would be an immense task.

If you just want an Arduino that supports the devices you listed above, you don't need an OS - you just need a driver library for each device. You will program it like a controller though - uploading code to do what you want it to do - rather than use it like a computer.