bumpity bump

the arduinos in my shop now come with bumpers

they are very very useful, keep the delicate innards of the arduino from touching your workspace which could have conductive things or dirt or spilled soda :slight_smile:

i strongly recommend they are added to arduinos in the future. only costs maybe 10 cents.

These are from Mcmaster-carr, part #95495K66

VERY good idea!

good thing, cuz i noticed that if i rest my fingers on the bottem of the arduino, in certain places, it messes with the code, for instance it can stop the code, and when i let go itll keep going, or the code will just flip out!

so good idea, and good job ladyada!!

I picked some of these up from the local electronics store for about a buck.
The ones I got give about half a centimeter of clearance.

Oh btw no it doesnt help in the case of spilt drinks. :wink:
Murphy dictates that the drink will hit the Arduino directly.

I know Murphy is inevitable, but perhaps this could help in case of spilt drinks! :wink:

And it keeps fingers away from soldering side.

Just a single thin pvc plate, screwed on board, and bumpers, through the hole type.