Bunch of servos, wheels, and pneumatic stuff for sale

Album with high res images:

Normal servos:

Continuous rotation servos:

Misc. wheels and servo horns:

I would prefer to sell all the servos together, but if you only want the continuous rotation ones or something maybe we can work something out. Make me an offer.

Misc pneumatic stuff:

I think the pneumatic stuff was part of some Vex robotics thing. I have two Vex motor controllers to sell as well. Make an offer.

I've also got 50 of these efficient fixed 5V buck regulators:

The two on the right aren't included, they're just for show. Note how one of them has four pins soldered at the corners. These can be used on a breadboard.

I will sell the regulators all together for $100, or in sheets of 10 ($25 per sheet + shipping) or 5 ($15 + shipping)

Email me at scswift@gmail.com if interested.

Email sent

What's in the skull ?

In the skull? That's Dan Aykroy'd Crystal Head Vodka. Signed by him.


All the standard size servos have been sold along with the pressure regulators with the blue bits on them. I still have the larger VS-10 and VS-11 servos, the voltage regulators, wheels, larger servo horns, cables, and the rest of the pneumatic stuff.

Thanks scswift. Got them today. Nice packaging too!