Buns hmmmmmmmmmm :-)

Just baked 6 dozen flax buns, come one, come all to a bun party.
Bring the wine.


come all to a bun party.

That's funny. The theme of the day today at my house was a "cupcake party" that my 3 year old decided to host in her finest princess gown.

They must be male buns. I prefer the female version.


I was going to show my wife’s buns but . . .

Your wife's bun? You mean her bum as well?

In some English parts of Earth, bun is often slang for one's rear end.

buns, or bum.
Not bun singular tho.

My buns have 1 1/2 cups of sugar for a 6 dozen batch.

You have to have some sugar with buns :wink:

hairy buns?

^nice tongue


Is that a horse or an ass?

In some English parts of Earth, bun is often slang for one's rear end.

In England a bum is a rear end or bottom. Where as a bun refers to the breast, as does a bap, especially when used in the plural.

Hence the disappointment when a road side sandwich shop between Skipton and Keighley called "Busty Baps" was found to be actually run by a man.

Princess Leia had good buns too.
Tom… :o

Where as a bun refers to the breast,

Never came across that before. I have always understood buns = bum.


A bun could refer to a single cheek of a bum.

Is that a horse or an ass?

No, this is....

The look on that Yellow M&M has me worried...
Tom.. :o


AKA a builder's smile.

Plumber's crack..... :o

We have here a brand of underwear called Tradies, guy and girl wear.


I'd say that from the waist size of a pair of underdaks, there should be for the tradesman also be a "crack" sizing

0 to 10;

  • 0, safe not offensive doesn't even show above trouser waist band.
  • 10, safe but flirting, just a hint of elastic waistband showing, indicating the "TRADIES" brand.
  • 20, a little plumbers crack showing, nasty.
  • 50, significant exposure to make you cringe, laugh, cry, faint. ewwwww...
  • 100, Oh My God..... Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....

Tom.... :o
PS, You are all very lucky, they don't make them big enough for me, if I tried there biggest pair I be speaking a couple of octaves higher.
And the bra isn't in my colour.

i maintain around 50 to 60 year round,.