Burglar Alarm with SMS / Twitter

I just finished a little project using an Arduino to make my burglar alarm SMS and tweet me with status updates. I've posted details here for those interested:


Nice work!

I've been brainstorming a similar project for my security system. I'd be interested in more information on how you interfaced with your existing security system.

I don't own the system in my home, so I am trying to keep my interface minimally invasive. My specific unit has a grid of led status indicators to display the armed status and even which specific zone is open. I am contemplating an array of phototransistors to trigger my inputs, but that would get messy fast.


It wasn't invasive in this case as my alarm panel provides sockets for wiring into the output signals without soldering. There are 6x 12v outputs, so I just dropped them down to 4v and connected them to the digital inputs on the Arduino. If your alarm panel has similar outputs then you should just need to unscrew the cover and clip your wires in.

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Sorry to post on an old thread - but what alarm system are you using?

That looks cool! I made a pressure pad and wired it up to the arduino to count pulses and save the number to the EEPROM. It did not work. Maybe if I got it working I could make it like this?