Burn 328P QFN with Arduino Uno

Obviously new here... had and Idea and want to see if it would work...

I currently this setup:

and wanted to see if i could use it to burn the bootloader into a Mega328P QFN32 package. (making sure to match same pin labels with the DIP package). I didn't know if there was a difference that would make it not work?

I did a quick search and didn't see any topic on this, but I could have just missed it... Sorry if I did.

Thanks for any help!

Yes you can. 328P-PU, 328P-PN, 328P-AU,328P-AN, 328P-MU, 328P-MN are all the same die, just different packages and for the AN, MN, PN able to work at a higher temperature.
Confirm pinouts on the datasheet.
Reset, Vss, Gnd, SCK, MISO, MOSI all get used.

Thank you!

I thought this was the case, but I figured I'd let someone more experience confirm it before I spent the money on a $60-$80 socket.

thanks again!

Socket? No no. Install the part, and make an adapter cable to connect from the AVR ISP to the needed pins on your board.