Burn bootloader + advice

Hi... Blesings to all After spend time on a cloned Arduino Mega2560 rev3 16AU that was sold without a proper bootloader, I post here some info that may help

When I pluged it the first time The "L" led didn't want to blink. (this led blink if a bootloader is in the chip) And for sure,it was impossible to load any sketch on it, using IDE 1.6.3 All i got was the "avrdude: stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout"

Ok the "L" led don't blink so its probably the bootloader the problem You can perform a Loopback test (bridge the RX0 & TX0 pin and bridge reset & GND) to be sure Then in the IDE go to >Tools>Monitor serial Write something... if the console return text, it meens that your board is recognized as fonctional by the computer

Now i will need a programm to burn the bootloader and make my Arduino Mega clone back to life The Programm below allow you to burn bootloader on various type of controller and other usefull things using an arduino uno to perform the transfer


You will need :

AN ARDUINO BOARD that will work as the "downloader" 6x Female-Female and 1x Male-Female Dupont cable (or whatever you want) The Bootloader sketch Your board to be burned 1# PLug the 6 cables from the 6 ISP Pin of the Arduino Uno to the 6 ISP PIN of your 2nd board Un pluged the 5' PIN of the Arduino Uno (this is the bottom.left) and connect this cable to the Pin10 (with the Male -Female , you got it )

2# Download the Sketch -> https://github.com/nickgammon/arduino_sketches (thanks to him)

3# Open new sketch -> Select ATmega_Board_Programmer.ino In the Monitor Serial -> Select 115200 bauld (or you will have problem of reading) Load the sketch Follow instructions That's all

ENJOY 8) :)

Additional comment about SERIAL PORTS : It seems there is differnece beetwin the ports name attached to the board

on Windows : -Arduino Mega (clone) lauch as COM* You will need the appropriate driver (i use the CH341SER that worked perfectly) and add it manualy in windows (update the driver in the configuration panel)

On Ubuntu : -Arduino Mega 2560 (clone) launch as ttyUSB* (ttyUSB2 for me , you can find it in your /dev folder with the hidden file showed) Put the driver folder in the arduino directory (i don't know if you have to do but i did and it worked perfectly) -Arduino Uno (official) launch as ttyACM* (ACM0 for me)

One love