Burn Bootloader and Code to a Solved Atmega 328p-Au



I am still relatively new to programming and have some questions about this.

My wiring diagram is attached.

Now I want to upload the bootloader and my program code to my soldered Atmega 328P-Au chip.
I think Uploading the bootloder will be not a problem for me. I will connect the Arduino Uno via ICSP interface to my soldered chip:

  • Uno GND → Pin GND
  • UNO 5V → Pin VCC
  • Uno pin 10 → Pin 29 (Reset)
  • Uno pin 11 → 15 (MOSI)
  • Uno pin 12 → 16 (MISO)
  • Uno pin 13 → pin 17 (SCK)

I have read about FTDI and that I can use it to upload my code to the Atmega.

I also wrote down the following contacts:

  1. Connect 5V of FDTI to VCC (pins 4, 6 and 18) of 328P-AU
  2. GND of FDTI with GND of 328P-AU
  3. TX from FDTI with RX (pin 30) from 328P-AU
  4. RX from FDTI with TX (pin 31) from 328P-AU
  5. Connect DTR pin of FDTI to reset pin of 328P-AU connect to 0.1uF

Now to my request !!

How can I contact the contacts RX TX and pins 4, 6 and 18 of my chip?

Are there any other ways to upload a code to the soldered chip?

What do I need exactly the bootloader for?

Can I upload a Code to my chip without the bootloader?

Thanks in Advance


My question is, did I need a new pin arrangement or can I upload the sketch to my soldered Atmega with the Arduino and the same PIn - arrangement, which i have uploaded the bootloader?


ok perfect.

Thanks =)