Burn Bootloader into Other Chips Using Arduino Duemilanove

Demo Source: ElecFreaks blog

We may often encounter such situation as bootloader falls off when using Arduino, this thing can freak us out especially when we got no bootloader tools on hand. So what shall we do? Here we’ll introduce a way on how to burn bootloader via Arduino, which is rather practical in cases when without bootloader burning tools and no extra Arduinos.

1. Preparation

2. Burning Process
(1) Burn Arduino ISP into Arduino Duemilanove

  • Open Arduino IDE 1.0.5, select ArduinoISP under the secondary menu “Examples” of File.
  • Compile ArduinoISP code and download it into Arduino Duemilanove. Note that you must refer to the picture below to select the board.

    Note: you must follow the picture to select the board; as for the serial port number, you select it according to the actual port number of IDE

For the full passage, please click the reference to read on.

Reference: http://www.elecfreaks.com/7281.html

Nick Gammon's sketch for any Arduino as a bootloader also works well.