Burn Bootloader using FTDI (Atmel 328p)


I have already solder a 328p chip in my board. There are only GND-VCC-Tx-Rx-DTR in the surface of pcb. Also I got a ftdi232 .

How can I burn bootloader this chip via FTDI? Can someone explain step by step?

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If it is raw chip (never programmed) then it is programmable only via ISP or parallel. Serial programming requires the bootloader already uploaded.

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Yes, it is raw chip. But I saw something that include about burning bootloader via FTDI

Did you meant ftdi bit-bang programming? This could help: Programming the Arduino Bootloader | FTDI Friend | Adafruit Learning System.
As I wrote AVR can be programmed via ISP by default (not considering parallel since it is more complicated) so you need to use ISP (MOSI, MISO, SCK, RESET, VCC and GND) it is on 6pin socket on standard Arduino. Serial line can be used only with the bootloader. Raw chip cannot be programmed via serial. If you have none of those pins available you have to connect them somehow with touch contact. Depends on package version. DIL package should not be a problem to connect with probes but for SMD version 328P-AU(R) you will need something like this Atmel Atmega Socket Firmware Flashing Tool.

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