burn sketch directly with 0011 / avrispmkii ?

The release notes indicate I can burn a sketch directly with the avrispmkii, but a brief search through the docs and the forum failed to turn up instructions on how to do so. Can someone give me a pointer?


The instructions are here:

You must change the preferences.txt file.

Change this line (if ‘avrispmkii’ is not already there):

This worked here with Parallel Port Programmer (‘parallel’)

Good luck.


That’s not very clean - is there any way to assign the upload method to a “board”, so that I can make a new board type and only burn via avrispmkii to that board, and keep burning via bootloader with my standard NG and serial boards?


I’m not sure, but I think that the upload method can be only assigned to the IDE. So, you need to change the preferences.txt for each kind of board/method.

Going back to normal USB/serial upload

To go back to uploading sketches over the USB or serial port without an external programmer, you’ll need to set the upload.using preference in preferences.txt back to bootloader. You’ll also need to burn the bootloader back onto the chip on the Arduino board.

I wonder if I can create a new board type, and just change “newboard.upload.using” in boards.txt? Too bad all my gear is at home; I can’t try that until this evening.


Not yet. I’ll probably add that in Arduino 0012 though.