Burning 328P Chips


I need to burn about 20 Atmel 328p's, and I'm wondering how to use this product to do it: Standalone AVR ISP Programmer Shield Kit - includes blank chip! : ID 462 : $17.50 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

The instructions for this talk about burning a bootloader onto the chips, but not how to upload an Arduino sketch onto them.

Any guidance on how to do that?


You can copy the entire program memory, including the boot section, from one chip to another using an AVR ISP programmer and AVR Studio. Read one chip and write the other. Make sure the target fuses are set to match.

I assume from the Adafruit ad that their programmer does behave as a standard AVR ISP.

Thanks! Can you give me some general guidance on how to do it? Is it possible to do it using the Arduino IDE?

I still use AVR Studio IV (free to download, but not the latest version) and the menu system is quite obvious.

With the black “Con” button you select and verify the connection to the programmer. That brings up a dialog GUI that allows you read the chip memory to a file and write it back out to another. The same “Con” menu gives you many other options, like setting the fuses. See attached screenshot.

I don’t know how the Adafruit module would be connected to StudioIV, though.

Check out Nick's hex uploader:

The product you pointed to has a tutorial that uses arduino IDE 0022. That was in 2010. Too long ago. You can still buy it but solder the wires differently but Nick's hex uploader is my gold standard. If you don't know how to burn flash that has both bootloader and sketch, you should probably read Nick's page and a few more plus atmega328P's spec sheet. It's not hard but not simple either.