burning bootloader to pro mini 328 5v/16mhz

I'm having trouble burning a bootloader to my Arduino Pro Mini 328 5v 16mhz.

With ide 0017 I get the following error:

avrdude: Expected signature for ATMEGA328P is 1E 95 0F ** failed; avrdude: verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x0000 0x05 != 0x07 avrdude: verification error; content mismatch

I've also tried w/ 0016, not luck.

I've never had any trouble burning to other boards... just the mini.

Any thoughts?

Edit: updated description

Does your board have an ATmega328 or ATmega168 on it?

It has a 328.

I've also tried using avrdude directly:

avrdude -c dapa -p atmega328p -P lpt1 -U flash:w:ATmegaBOOT_xx8_adaboot328.hex -U lock:w:0x0f:m

I've tried the original firmware also, and I've tried using -F to force it, but it eventually fails.

I figured it out. I used the instructions in the playground to build the programmer, which eliminates the VCC wire from the icsp connector. With a normal arduino you can just power it via a wallwart or usb, but for whatever reason the Pro Mini didn't like being powered normally (I tried giving it 5v to vcc, and 9v to raw).

To get it to work, I ran a wire from pin 3 on the db25 to vcc... and it works perfectly.

Thank you very much! I spent several days trying to fix that problem. ;D