Burning Mega Bootloader and ICSP Mega

Hello there,

I am still rather new to the Mega board so have some questions.

There are some things on the web about burning a new bootloader into the Mega2560 but a lot of it looks like it may be old so i wanted to ask here about what is the most current method for doing this.

Also, i would like to know how to program the Mega2560 with the ICSP interface. I have done that with the Uno chips using a separate breadboard, and Aruduino as Programmer, but that was some time ago now.

So my questions are:

  1. Can the Uno be used as a programmer to program the Mega2560 using the ISCP connector or jumpers to the side board headers?

  2. How is the bootloader burnt into the Mega2560, can we use an Uno as programmer, and what is the most current method?

  3. What is the most current bootloader for the Mega2560?

Thanks very much :slight_smile:

Hello again,

Since there were, surprisingly, no replies, i looked around on the web a little more and found a site by “Nick Gammon” that showed different boards having a bootloader installed via ICSP using what i guess was another Arduino board.

My question is, does that still apply, as does it still work that way?