burning sketch

Hi guys,
Try to find an answer to my question in the forum but failed.
I use two kind of boards Uno and Pro mini w/ATmega328p 5v 16 MHZ
both comes with the bootloader built in .For development I use visual micro ( run on VS 2015 ) and for time to time the Arduino IDE . My question is do i need a program to burn the sketch to the eeprom /flash so the board can work as standalone without connection to pc or I need a dedicate programmer hardware and software to do it ?
If you can advice me what programmer /software to use ?
I am new in this side of design software but I come from technic fields
Regards Doron

No. Once the IDE or Visual Micro has "uploaded" a sketch to the board, that sketch will run whether or not the board is connected to a PC.

thanks for help