Burning the bootloader with an Arduino?

As i need a few standalone Arduinos soon or rather the Atmels with the Software on it i decided not to buy each and every arduino but trying to build myself a small programmer.
Basically i will try to rebuild http://tinker.it/now/2006/12/04/turn-arduino-into-an-avr-isp-programmer/ this one except hooking up a second Arduino but attaching a ZIF socket next to the programming Arduino (standalone by itself). From what i understand there it should be doable to burn programs onto an Arduino that way, but is also possible to burn a bootloader on an untouched Atmel with that as well?
Are there maybe newer or better softwares for that?

i am using the code from http://code.google.com/p/mega-isp/ to burn sketches into attinys. it’s simple enough to use but i have not had occasion to use it with an atmega or bootloader.

hm, do i understand the bootloader right - if i dont use it, but burn a program with, for example, the above code it still works?

the bootloader sits permanently at the top of the flash memory and can load new code over the serial port. using an isp programmer like the one you posted or what i’m using does the same thing. so, yes, you can burn in a program and run it without the bootloader.

i think it’s easier to use the arduino enviroinment with a loader though.

hm, in the end i want to turn some atmels into stand alone arduinos… so the ISP programming looks good… although… having a bootloader would be nice as welll…

don’t get hung up on it. try one without the bootloaders and see if you run into any grief. You still have a bunch of hills to climb to get your project going.

You can easily burn the bootloader using an ISP like this one:

The new version of Freeduino from here:
Also includes the ability to burn the bootloader onto chips by soldering in 4 wires. So solder 4 wires, program chip, pop chip out, insert next one… yada yada.

When you’re done you still have the Freeduino to use.

I have one that I only populated the power switch and ISP connector. Connect the ISP programmer above and you can program as many ATMega’s with bootloaders as you would like. As a side benefit, it will also program many other Atmel chips, so for $24 you’ve got it made in the shade :sunglasses:

I have just updated the software on the Boot-Cloner project so that it now works with a 168 chip:-

This allows me to make a lot of project stand alone and just use a plug in header (with USB chip on it) for programming. This is best for projects that don’t require connection back to the computer in order to operate.

Next up is to make it work with a 328 chip which just arrived today. :slight_smile:

totally forgot about this thread G
My ISP Programmer works on Breadboard - at the momejnt i am in the progress of turning it into a soldered version ,0)