Burnt EasyDriver (or i think its burnt)

i am doing a project that involves stepper motors and EasyDrivers and when i tried to use it to turn the motor nothing happened. There was no heat coming from the driver IC nothing. No buzzing or vibrations. at first i though it was something to do with the wiring that i did but someone on the Arduino discord told me that maybe the easydriver was burnt so i started looking through the forums an i could not find anything related to easydrivers being burnt please help i dont know what to do. i tried hooking 9 volt DC power supply which the easydriver should be able to handle (or i think) and then i ramped it up to 12 volts and still nothing works so i think the final thing that could be an explanation is the driver is burnt.

Loose motor connections will instantly destroy a stepper driver, and breadboards cannot be used for high current connections, like motors.

For more help, post links to the motor, the motor power supply, a wring diagram and the code (using code tags). Also state the value you set for the current limit on the EasyDriver.

I actually figured it out in the Arduino Discord. There was either an ESD or i shorted the pins.