Burnt out my gsm shield????

i have an arduino uno and gsm shield and relay board

gsm shield link

relay shield link

i first bought the gsm shield for my arduino and got it to work.never had a problem with gsm shutting down after the fist message was sent. Than i got my relay board and as soon as i put it on it would shut down after the fist message was sent.

i use tx/rx on pin d2 and d3. what i think happened is it put 5v through their and burnt out my gsm. here is a link where the schematics are link

From what you’ve written, the first thing i’d do - is disconnnect the relay board and retry your earlier tests that previously worked.
As for pins d2 d3, it depends to some extent on how everything is wired together.

Do the first test, then reply including your connection/wiring schematic - exactly - as it’s wired up.

From what we know already, it’s unlikely you’ve fried the modem, bit i’m also pretty sure some of the detail is missing.