Burnt uno A0 pin!

I was making a voltage tester with the Uno and the input was A0. When I went above 10 volts into A0, that pin stopped working. Is it possible to fix the pin? If so, what do I do?

The max input a pin can take is 5V. From my experience, there is no way to fix it...If I'm wrong, can any other forum members correct me? Also, you may always want to check the internet before posting.

Hi - As stated above, you have exceded the maximum voltage input. You could replace the ATMEGA328 chip with a new bootloaded one.

You may also notice the chip getting warm, or hot to the touch. If so, total failure is imminent.

Ok, thank you! I will try replacing the ATMEGA328 chip.

If you do so, I guess you have the dip version of the chip.

You can buy them with the boot loader (optiboot) pre-installed. It will save you from having to burn the boot loader fir which you need a programmer or another Arduino.