hello, I think I have burnt down my Arduino. :( Used a breadboard, and had ground and 5V in the same line... very stupid!!!

Can I repair it somehow?

all the best K

Why do you think you have damaged the Arduino? You may have tripped the USB over-current protection. Try restarting you computer. If that doesn't fix it then you need to say which Arduino board you have and how you have it powered (USB or via the dc input jack)

I have the Duemilanove, powered by USB.
I restarted the computer. When I connect the Arduino with the Mac, it lights up.
But whenever I try to upload a patch it does not loads it up, I do not see the two small LED’s blinking on the board.

I do not see a fuse on the board:)

Any tips?


There is a fuse on the Duemilanove that self resets, if your board lights up then that part is OK. You don't say if you are getting any error messages on the Arduino IDE when you try to download – check out the Arduino troubleshooting guide http://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/Troubleshooting

:) lives again! thx