Bus CAN + bus SPI

Hello everyone,
I have a question for the hardware configuration.
I have an Arduino Uno + a CAN BUS shield.

I want the arduino card to receive data from the SPI bus via a transceiver and transfer this data directly into CAN BUS?

I believe that the data between the arduino card and the shield bus CAn are transferred by the SPI bus so is it possible to realize it ?

Thank you for your answer

Hello everybody,
I have a board Arduino Uno + a shield Can Bus
I receive data from a transceiver via SPI bus and I want to send these data directly in Can Bus.

I believe that the shield Can Bus use the bus Spi to transfer data between Arduino Uno and the shield Can bus so my question is :

Is it possible to receive data from a transceiver via SPI interface and after, send these data in Can bus ?

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Draw a picture showing how things are connected.