Business SIM cards internet disconnect issue


I have a very weird problem I hope someone can help me with

I use both SIM900 and XBee 3G modules to send some data over HTTP to my database
I bought couple of personal sim cards and they are working fine
However, later I bought business sim cards (through my company cause I am not allowed to have more than 2 business sim cards under my name in my country)

With the business sim cards, after days of working, the signal is lost
The module doesn’t see any signal at all!!!
This only happens with business sim cards!!!

There are 2 indirect solutions I’ve found for this:
1-Leave it till it works again by itself (takes hours to days)
2-Take the sim off, put it in a mobile phone, use the cellular internet, then return it to the module

I’ve 7 business SIM cards from 2 different ISPs and all of them behave the same
The ISPs tech support says that the SIM cards don’t have any issues

Did someone encounter such a problem before?
Is there a way to help this?

What's the difference between a business SIM card and a personal SIM card in your country? Which country are we talking about?
In my country we just have SIM cards and the differentiation between personal and business is just in the subscription (or pre-payed) that is affiliated with it but that's just some software on the provider side. So if there's such a problem it's the provider's problem.