Busy COM ports?

i'm using windows 7 32-bit. The software arduino 0018 works fine, but i can't burn the script to the arduino. it keeps saying that the COM port is in use. i don't think I'm using any program that uses a serial port... can anyone help?

This seems common with windows7. Have you tried udpating FTDI drivers? Try to update them from the FTDI website.

or simple... go linux ;)

do have this problem occasionally. Sometimes brought on by a genuine conflict, sometimes not. Sometimes restarting the ide clears it, sometimes i have to reboot vista. Doesn't happen often though.

unfortunately it happens EVERY TIME..... i restart the IDE, the laptop and it still happens... i tried installing the driver at http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm but it's still the same.

is there a way to know what program is using a certain port??