But I didn't order jack from these clowns.

Hi, this is Catherine from by squad calling just wanted to chat with you a moment today about the mortar and pestle order you placed with us before we can process your order. We are going to have to do a payment verification and email has been sent to the one provided on the order with instructions on how to do this, but I'm going to need you to do is take a picture of your photo. Id and the credit card used to place the order you can cover up all of the numbers on the credit card except for the last 4 digits. I just need to be able to see those I also need to be able to confirm that both names on the ID and credit card match as well once we get this information will go ahead and process you can live chat with us online email support at by squad.com or reply to that email if you have any other questions. Thanks choosing by squad and have a great day.

Except I never made any such order, never got any email, and use paypal for online purchasing.

What was it that you were supposed to have ordered that required such security?
Explosives? Radioactive substances? Poisons? Corrosive chemicals? ICBMs?

What was it that you were supposed to have ordered that required such security?
Explosives? Radioactive substances? Poisons? Corrosive chemicals? ICBMs?

A mortar and pestle.

"Security" here means "give us your personal information including bank access".

There might not be shithole countrie but there's plenty of shithole people.

"shithole people"

yeah, and i may be one of those people... :o

but anyway, something under your skin? you seem a bit irate. something going on, or just venting?


I've got the flu Trav. Running a fever and up to get water and medicine and not lie in bed all day.

I wouldn't trade it for your problems, I might live this one out!

Really, who do you rip off besides yourself? If you're full of it, don't take yourself seriously because then....
you'd be seriously full of shit. Yeah, ask you Dad to explain that.

Although I have my phone numbers on the do not call register, I still get calls from the sub-continent call centres.

They have big problems with pronouncing George and even more trouble pronouncing the wife's surname, she kept here surname after we got married.

But something has changed, they still have name pronunciation problems, but someone has taught them how to say "mate" in a half decent Aussie accent, so they only need to attempt you name once or twice.

I have had the spam email that ask you to pay on the invoice "attached".

Tom.. :slight_smile:

This POS was hacking Ebay sellers accounts and posting his phony telescope advertisement. He kept putting up different listing and I kept reporting him.

I can't use paypal for the moment because I'm in divorce with my wife and all my accounts are blocked. Even paying with MoneyGram you are fully covered by the eBay protection, there is also a 14 day refund policy. Please contact the eBay support from your invoice and verify that is true.
If you are ready for this purchase make the payment with moneygram like ebay advice you. Just follow the instruction from ebay and email me after the payment is done as I'm ready for the shipping. Attach also the receipt from MoneyGram after the payment is done for a better verification of the transfer.
You should make the payment from a moneygram location and not online because it will not go through. please look for your nearest moneygram shop and go there with cash. my advise is when you will send the money tell the MoneyGram agent that you are sending the money to a friend or a relative and in that way they will not charge you extra fees or involve the sales tax. After the payment will be done please email me a photo of the payment receipt to confirm your purchase.

The sub-human pig is back at it with 4 new listings.

More like 12 new fraudulent listings

Ok....maybe hundreds

I had no idea there was this much fraudulent activity on ebay. This guy hacks into a sellers store and posts thousands of fraudulent items for sale.