but the chip's brand new

Windows XP won't recognize my arduino no matter what I've tried. Bought it a week ago, worked fine until I tried a fsr then it got hot and windows hasn't recognized it as a device since.

Tried resetting, reinstalling drivers, combinations and variations of the two, tried different computers and I even replaced it with a new pre-programmed atmega328.. still no luck.

All I get is power and a couple led flashes after hitting reset.

Is my head in my bum?

worked fine until I tried a fsr then it got hot and windows hasn't recognized it as a device since.

What is an fsr?

What ever it is it sounds like it has fried your USB / Serial bridge chip.

sorry, force sensing resistor, was my first time using one

I don't know what a usb serial bridge chip is-my guess is the rectangular black chip between the usb and the send/receive lights? If that is the case, can it be replaced and how did I what can I never do again?

your help is very much appreciated

If that is the case, can it be replaced and how did I what can I never do again

Huh? :-?

yeah i thought you might let that slide..

What did I do to fry it? or what are some of the causes of such a problem if it's difficult to say exactly.

I had a couple led's running on the same pins through a potentiometer running for about 30 minutes before trying the force sensor. I wired the force sensor wrong and it's been the same since...

Well one reported method of toasting the FTDI USB chip is to overdraw too much current from the 3.3vdc pin. It's capable of supplying on around 40ma I think. Were you using the 3.3vdc pin either on purpose or by accident?

By the way the age of a chip rarely has anything to do with a chips destruction. Brain Farts (tm) are the leading cause of chip toasting.


I wired the force sensor wrong

So unless you know exactly how you wired it wrong I can't tell you the mechanism you used to destroy your device.

@Lefty - I had a short on my 3v3 rail last week (a problem with soldering a very small surface mount chip), the bridge chip got hot but it survived. Maybe that is because I didn't let it run for long in that state.

can it be replaced

This is a surface mount chip with connections not suited to soldering with an iron. So the answer is sadly no.

Thanks for the answer

The force sensor was using the 5v connector- have yet to touch the 3.3v.

I wonder if the store will allow me to replace it, my guess is no, but I have to go there anyway it seems.

I believe my wiring mistake involved making my circuit without connecting the resistor properly, so there was no resistance.

Guess I should be careful if it ever heats up.

Any other tips would be great!

Thanks for all your helps


You are not explaining what you did very well so it's hard to give you tips.

The FSR itself would be like placing a 100 (or so) Ohm resistor on an output or input pin... which is not inherently dangerous and the amount it would vary would not have much impact on an analog input for example. The circuit with "no resistance" as you say, would not harm the chip.

But knowing HOW you really connected it will affect what advice we give. You may need to replace the FTDI chip... they are not expensive and I've done the replacement myself... so it's possible even with shaky fingers like mine.

you're 100% right

Next time i'll have to take note of what I was doing. I'm new to arduino so when I felt the heat, I just started pulling out connections hoping to salvage something.

Looks like they're going to replace the unit, so maybe there's a chance the ftdi chip was defective..

That may help me sleep at night, if nothing else.