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First off all i want to say im a total beginner with arduino and eager to learn, but now i have googled/youtubed for 6 hours straight and cant find anything within my understanding.

So, i want to built a buttonbox that emulates keyboard buttons, this is for my microsoft flight simulator home cockpit. i have wired up something that i belive should work but i cant figure out the code or how to get mye computer to reckognize the arduino as a keyboard.

i use the arduino MICRO conected via usb for power etc to my windows 10 computer.

the wireing diagram can be found here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

i believe it should work something like this when i push the button connected to 6-A2 it could emulate the keyboard button "G" for example.

any sugestions on how to code this would be much apreciated!

Search for "Arduino + keyboard". There are relly fresh topics there.
Serach for "Arduino + buttons(buttonbox": alse fresh topics there.

Thinking for 6 hours? Being an experinced engineer one issue took a year to solve....

i cant figure out the code or how to get mye computer to reckognize the arduino as a keyboard.

Start with the code from this tutorial:

This is a minimal, known good sketch that will show whether keyboard emulation is working correctly on your computer.

After that, you should use another simple sketch to make sure your buttons are working correctly. You should have it either control an LED or print the button state to Serial Monitor.

After that, test that the keyboard emulation in response to the button press is working. There is some code you can adapt for that purpose here:

This How to make a schematic you can post will explain how to post an image.

I would have done it for you but imgur doesnt allow that.

Youre off to a good start by using a Micro, which makes the serial keyboard simulation easy with keyboard.h.

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