Button Box Matrix Switch Help

So I Am making a 30 function button box with 5 on/off buttons. 5 on/off switches and 5 on/off/on switches and I Am in the middle of making a wiring diagram to follow and i am unsure if the diagram i have generated would work. The purple circles are my on/off buttons. The green are the on/off switches and the red are the on/off/on switches. Any help and suggestions would be great thankyou.

Diagram.pdf (36.7 KB)

Diagram.pdf (36.7 KB)

Tell us what these switches do ?

What Arduino do you have ?

No, it probably won't work. If multiple switches need to be on at the same time, you need a diode for every switch in your matrix:


PDFs are pretty useless on Web pages. I can't be bothered converting it to show here, but what is that spurious purple wire to pin 10?

Very nice colourful drawing. However, it's unclear to me what you are trying to achieve. Maybe you can explain what behaviour you want to obtain from the arduino? You want to read out every switch individually? Or are they coupled in some way?

Also note, it's pretty easy to create proper wiring diagrams, eg using easyEDA.