Button Box (Pro Micro) Wiring

Hey there!

So this is basically my first hardware project and I think it's coming along, but before I go ahead and try to put the theory into practice, I would like to verify my wiring first. I wanted to build a USB Button-Box for Euro Truck Simulator 2, with ignition, buttons and toggles and my research led me to the Pro Micro

So this is basically what I'm trying to do

(Bottom left is supposed to represent a usual ingition switch. The toggle (Ignition) and the push button (engine start) when turning the key all the way)

I basically copied the wiring from an older video I've found and switched it up a bit

It would be nice if more experienced users could answer me if this could work. Each button should be able to trigger a keyboard key or or a sequence of keys. Also, can toggles be programmed to fire a different sequence when turned off?

Basicaly You want to read 13 buttons. Generally, that's no problem using most Arduinos. You need 4 outputs and 4 inputs to read that matrix. Check Your Arduino for that.

Thank you for your answer! The board on the picture is the exact one I have here right now. If I understand correctly, I can basically read if any two of the blue marked pin holes (left picture) are connected?

Search for using matrix keyboards and Arduino.The picture looks like a matrix setup.

Sam Ting